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Fruit slander. Veggie libel laws. A dead phosphate mine CEO, floating face down in a toxic gyp stack. Lilly in the lion's den. Mad-hatter brother Delvon to the rescue. A poetry-quoting handyman who nearly gets Lilly killed but saves her orphaned baby blue jay. A client blown up in front of her. Another client who might either be Lilly's next sweetheart, or her killer. What is a woman to do?

She's back...Lilly Cleary in another outrageous outing.

Eager to bill more hours, ambitious Sarasota lawyer Lilly Cleary tackles a rather odd case defending two guys accused of libeling oranges. They claim pollution turned the fruit toxic -- a definite no-no in the Sunshine State, where folks can't be defaming the main money crop. But Lilly's case goes from wacky to deadly when someone blows up one of her clients right in front of her.

Impatient as ever, Lilly sets out to find the killer. But stalking the truth is hard when everyone is lying, including the surviving client, a very fortunate guy who just happens to have a criminal record for making bombs. Also, he's a very sexy guy and Lilly is lusting after him, that is, until she thinks she might be his next target. But would Lilly fall for a killer? That's just one of a hundred questions she must figure out, and quickly.

Lucky for Lilly, she has a handyman who can sniff out a great wine--and an explosive killer.


From Publishers Weekly:
"Florida 's phospate-rich 'bone valley' region provides the scary background, while Lilly's fearless exuberance under pressure adds comic relief to an intricate tale that underscores the catastrophic effects abandoned phosphate mines and deadly gyp stacks can have on people and the environment."

From Romantic Times Mystery, Suspense, and Thriller reviews:
"Matturro's offbeat humor and satirical take on the law and human nature make for sharp and comical reading."

"Funny and tough, and full of wacky characters who are utterly real, this is a mystery, a legal thriller, and a serious novel rolled into one. Lilly Cleary is not just another lawyer/detective. She's as smart as she is sexy, and she's got a cockeyed but endearing array of clients and sidekicks that spring to life from the fertile Florida soil. I was hooked in five pages."
James W. Hall, best-selling author of FOREST OF THE NIGHT and OFF THE CHARTS

"Lilly Belle Cleary is a whip-smart trial lawyer with the heart of a buccaneer and the soul of a lady bountiful. Who else could save wounded birds and take on greedhead polluters running on one granola bar and a couple of glasses of organic wine? BONE VALLEY is bona fide fun." Virginia Swift, author of BYE, BYE LOVE and HELLO STRANGER

"In her third zany appearance (see WILDCAT WINE and SKINNY-DIPPING), Claire's energy and enthusiasm provide a humorous counterpoint to a deep whodunit. However, the star of Claire Matturro's latest legal thriller is the geography as the audience obtains a frightening look at a global environmental problem as represented by Florida's BONE VALLEY, where mounds of phosphogypsum causes harm to people. The story line is action-packed as the case twists from a legal matter to a self-preservation scenario. Still with a strong investigation and a wonderful, wacky heroine, the environment rules in this eye opening cautionary thriller." Harriet Klausner, mystery reviewer supreme